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Combinations in the Texas Holdem

Before being defined with that such probability poker combinations, let's understand major importances of cards of a standard 52-card pack.
Further cards by way of reduction of their advantage are value: ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
There is no difference between various suit. The two spade has the same value, as the two of hearts.

Royal Flush: the strongest combination in a Holdem – cards the same suit which placed in order of importance began from ten. It is very difficult for collecting, and it beats any other combination.

Poker Combination: Royal Flush

Straight Flush: Straight Flush: it's a greater rarity too. If Royal Flush has a two players, wins that player which top card is more value. Ace can be minor suit (e.g. A-2-3-4-5).

Poker Combination: Straight Flush

Four of a kind: Four cards of one suit, the fifth can be absolutely another. Also has the name «quads».If players has a same combination wins that player which cards is more value.

Poker Combination: Four of a kind

Full House: combination of Three of Kind è Pair. If players has a several Full House, winer determines by value of Three of Kind - for example, three Kings high, than three gay lady. It can be that value of Three of Kind the same, so compares the Pair.

Poker Combination: Full House

Flush: Five cards of one suit. If Flush two player have, the gain is defined with the sequence.

Poker Combination: Flush

Street – successively five cards in increasing order of value. Between two Streets wins that player which cards is more value.

Poker Combination: Street

Three of a kind: combination of three cards one value. The popular combination providing a gain to many players. The combination from cards with higher advantage wins.

Poker Combination: Three of a kind

Two pairs (Twisted Pair):
combination of two pair cards same value. If Two pairs has a several players wins that which cards is higher.

Poker Combination: Two pairs

two cards of one value. Two trey, two Ace and so on. At exposeing several Pair by players wins high card.

Poker Combination: Pair

High Card: Contains five cards and does not concern to one of the mentioned combinations. Gains who have a higher card. The most widespread combination in the Texas holdem.

Poker Combination: High Card

The player with an advantageous hand should not open the cards if nobody has balanced his/her rate. And don`t foget to learn poker chances

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